Luvstar is an Australian electro rock pop artist.
Unveiled in 2016, it is one of several projects by the singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist.

Wherever he is, the Luvstar catalyst and creator is tirelessly creating music, typically penning tunes on his guitar, keyboard or laptop at any given opportunity. With two previous projects boasting full length albums, his third musical project “Luvstar” is set to come to life!

Luvstar has written a collection of career-defining songs recorded for upcoming release.
Strong emotive song-writing merging themes of love & lust; from heart-felt emotions to basic primal instincts delivered with driving rock tempos, fat bass beats and infectious pop melodies.

Embracing technology in a modern pop & rock styling, Luvstar’s unique brand of music brings a welcomed familiarity.

With vocals encompassing both power and tenderness, Luvstar delivers strength and emotion in a polished production bursting with catchy solid hooks.

Having a love for music across all genres, and a writer on multiple instruments including drums, keys, guitars and vocals; from a young age Nieves has been constantly evolving and embracing technology.

Boasting experience in performing to crowds of 1000+, including supporting national touring acts, along with hundreds of live shows and 2x full length albums independently released, previous projects have earned industry compliments such as:

“Nieves clearly has a gift that could reach a wide commercial audience.
XPRESS MAGAZINE (#1 West Australian, Music Magazine)

“The musicality and arrangements on this release are of an impressively high standard… ”
XPRESS MAGAZINE (#1 West Australian, Music Magazine)

Born in Peru and raised in Australia with a family heritage from Trinidad in the West Indies, from as young as he can remember he has been listening to and watching music in all its forms. From the moment he saw and heard people singing and dancing, Nieves knew he had to be involved in music; writing, performing, recording and producing and later extending his involvement into other facets of the music industry.

Songs from previous musical projects have featured airplay on such commercial radio stations as The Mix Network’s 94.5 and West Australian commercial radio station 96fm and on a number of community and Internet radio stations across Australia and globally. Along with studio interviews and live television and radio performances, music videos from previous musical projects have received Australian national broadcasting on ABC television’s music program “RAGE”.